Syntax and Context in Copywriting

Reading Time: About 4 minutes I was having a chat with a friend of mine (who’s also a writer) and after a little while, the conversation came around to the topic of syntax, and context in writing. (yeah, I guess that probably makes us a couple of nerds. But this is the kind of stuff we’re interested in. So it’s […]

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The power of story in copywriting

Reading Time: About 3 minutes If you’ve ever heard a good story, or got caught up in a great movie, then you already know the power that stories have to enchant an audience. One reason stories captivate us so much is because, as humans, for thousands of years it was the way we taught lessons and communicated ideas from one […]

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This Is Why Hyped-up Sales Copy Doesn’t Work Anymore…

Reading Time: About 3 minutes In the past, marketers have tried to hype up and even glamorize their products or services to make them sound more exciting and irresistible. And technically there’s nothing wrong with that way of thinking, because we all need to make our offer as exciting as possible, so our visitors will want what we’re selling… right? […]

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You know it’s time to hire a professional copywriter when…

Reading Time: About 4 minutes   – You need copy that sells, but your current sales copy isn’t getting the job done – You’re doing a dozen other things in your business, and you don’t have time to do everything yourself – You’ve hired cheap copywriters from freelance sites, and just ended up wasting your money – You’re ready to […]

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Overcoming objections in your sales copy

Reading Time: About 4 minutes When selling through the written word many writers are tempted to only talk about everything that’s great with their product. Which makes sense at one level, because if we only talk about the good stuff it will cause our reader to only think about the good stuff, and they’ll be more likely to want it… […]

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Writing Tips You Need to Know To Write A Great Blog Post

Reading Time: About 3 minutes Do you want to be a great writer? If you have a passion for writing, then your answer is probably yes. But these days more and more writers are showing up on the internet, and with new blogs being created every day, one of the biggest challenges is standing apart from the crowd. And also […]

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Keeping Your Audience Engaged – Part 2 of 2

Reading Time: About 8 minutes Welcome back… This is part 2 of my post on “Keeping Your Audience Engaged With Your Copy”. As always, I’m going to pack a lot of info onto this page for you (while still keeping a reasonable time limit). So make yourself comfortable, and prepare yourself for a few minutes of education and entertainment (I […]

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Keeping Your Audience Engaged – Part 1 of 2

Reading Time: About 7 minutes Authors note: Throughout my teachings I use the terms “client” and “customer” interchangeably. I also use the pronouns “he” and “she” interchangeably, and also the words “product” and “service”. So whichever word I write on the page just know it represents both.   Welcome back, In this session we’re going to talk about keeping your […]

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Essential ingredients for powerful headlines – (Part 2 of 2)

Reading Time: About 5 minutes Welcome back – So in part 1 we touched on a few powerful ways you can improve the performance of your headlines. In this next short lesson we’re going to go over some common powerful headline formulas. If you study a lot of winning sales copy you’ll probably recognize these formulas, and there’s a good […]

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