The Curse of Knowledge -vs- The Knowledge Gap

Reading Time: About 3 minutes


Once upon a time… a long, long time ago… I met a brilliant writer with the initials CW, who taught me about something she called  “The Curse of Knowledge.”

If you’re not sure what the the Curse of Knowledge is, then it will be my extreme pleasure to share it with you, as it was once shared with me.

My friend CW explained it to me thus…

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2 do’s and 1 don’t for effective copywriting

Reading Time: About 4 minutes

When it comes to writing effective sales copy there’s a few fundamental rules that always need to be followed (like using a powerful headline, interesting lede, compelling offer with proof, a call to action, etc.)

But this post isn’t about any of those things. Instead, I’m going to point out some of the more subtle things you can do (and not do) to make your copy more impactful, and help you power-up your response rates.

So if you’re ready, let’s just dive right in…

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How to write authority articles for your website

Reading Time: About 3 minutes

The importance of using articles to help promote your website, cannot be overstated.

Not only can they add useful content to your online presence, which gives people a reason to visit your website, but articles can also promote you and your company as being a knowledgeable authority in your industry.


But, it’s not just about stuffing your site with articles for the sake of having a lot of content.

Cheap content might fill up your website, but if you become known for having a website full of useless garbage, it will do more harm than good to your company’s reputation.

On the other hand, a well written article will catch the eye and interest of your customers and keep them coming back for more. And they may even recommend your site to other people.


Here’s a couple basic tips to help you make your articles better…

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Pre-supposing And Pre-framing – an intermediate lesson (for beginners)

Reading Time: About 3 minutes

OK, I already know some of you more intelligent and experienced copywriters understand what pre-suppositions and pre-framing is, when it comes to persuasive copywriting?

So this lesson is for the less experienced sales writer, who wants to “up their game” and take it to the next level.


First, let me start with a short and sweet definition of what we’re talking about here, just to get this party started…


For the sake of this post, a pre-supposition is basically the same thing as pre-framing or “priming” the next thing you’re about to say, to put your reader in the right state of mind.

(Yes, I can already hear the grammarians among us screaming “that’s not the true definition of a presupposition!”)

Well, maybe… maybe not. But I write copy designed to sells things, not to impress my English teacher. So this is the definition we’re going with for this post.
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7 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell More Stuff

Reading Time: About 4 minutes

Whether it’s an email, a sales page, a space ad… or whatever… Arguably, your headline is the most important part of any sales piece.

I say “arguably” the most important, because I’ve had a number of people try to debate me that the “offer”, or “the big idea”, or “closing / call to action” is the most important part of making a sales piece work.

And all those things are important. But if your headline doesn’t get the attention of your ideal audience and draw them into the message, then who’s gonna read the rest of your copy and see any of those other elements?


So for this article, we’re going to consider your headline as the most important… (we can debate about it later)


There are no absolute headline formulas that work everywhere (different offers call for different openings) but, certain types of headlines have proven to work very well over the years. By following the concepts (oh, let’s call them “formulas”) of the following headlines, you can give your message a winners edge when when it comes to starting the persuasion path for your readers to follow.

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The A to Z Method of Eliminating Writers Block

Reading Time: About 2 minutes

Note: This original article was first posted on one of my other sites,, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, I’m posting here to help spread the joy  🙂


Greetings, writers…

Here’s another good writing exercise for you.

This one was introduced to me by a friend, and fellow writer, on one of the forums I used to hang out at.

BIG SHOUT OUT TO “FRED” over at the WF !!!  (you know who you are… yeah!)


Anyway, It’s a pretty creative idea that could save you from the dreaded “WHITE PAGE OF DEATH !!!” (also known as writers block)

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Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques – (Part 2)

Reading Time: About 7 minutes

Welcome back, my friends… In this next installment on Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques we’re going to talk about two more concepts that can help take your sales copy to the next level…

1. The concept of using pre-suppositions and pre-framing in our copy
2. The idea of getting micro-commitments from our audience

So if you’re ready, let’s just dive right in… shall we?


Pre-suppositions and Pre-framing


For the sake of this post, we’re going to combine pre-suppositions and pre-framing together.  And define it as “casually implying a statement as a given fact, so we can bypass our readers critical skepticism and have our message more readily accepted.”

OK, I admit that definition is a mouthful (even I couldn’t say it 5 times, real fast). So let’s break it down a little…


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Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques – (Part 1)

Reading Time: About 9 minutes


This short post is about Powerful Written Persuasion techniques (as the title would suggest).

Whether you’re writing an advertisement, a sales page, or an email… These simple, yet powerful persuasion techniques will make your job of persuasion much easier.

These techniques can (and will) help you ramp-up the power of your advertising and sales copy.

But before we get started I need to emphasize one major point… “Any” written persuasion techniques are only as good as the whole package of your offer. In other words…


  • If you don’t understand your target audience, and what they want…
  • If you’re presenting the wrong offer, to the wrong audience, at the wrong time…
  • If you’re selling something of little to no value…
  • If the rest of your copy is full of hype and B.S….

Then the best techniques in the world ain’t gonna help you sell very much.

Also, if your intent is to just trick people into giving you their money…

These techniques can help you make a few sales in the short term. But at the end of the day, deceiving people will always come back to haunt you.

So use these methods to improve your legitimate sales copy (with my blessings) or use them to manipulate people (at your own peril)


So without further ado (or further adon’t  🙂 ) Let’s get started…

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Guest Posts Welcome (Sticky)

Reading Time: About 2 minutes


Post your articles… Showcase your writing skills… Promote your brand…

As an active member of this community you’re invited to contribute your own quality articles or essays to this site.

Your articles can be about anything related to the craft of quality writing… Writing techniques, writing style, writing mindset or philosophies… (or pretty much anything related to the craft of quality writing)


As a bonus… You can include a Bio description that appears at the end of all your articles. Your bio can include an active link back to your own personal website. (Only 1 bio per author. The same bio will appear in all of your articles)

Contributing articles to this community is another great way to increase your credibility, showcase your expertise, and attract new clients.


We do have a couple guidelines that need to be followed for all submitted articles and essays. So read them over and make sure you agree with them before sending us your articles. Thanks.

The guidelines are…

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