Back Room Inner Circle



The back room inner circle will be open to friends of the community for their generous donations that allow this website to continue.

By helping us pay for the maintenance and upkeep of this site you too can enjoy the prestige and access only available to those willing to both give, and receive.

Benefits of becoming an inner circle member include, but are not limited to…


Access to “The Private Vault” – The private vault is a huge library of advanced level copywriting materials collected over the last quarter of a century.

Many of the books and other materials in our vault are rare treasures, written by master copywriters over the past 100 years. As a friend of the community you’ll gain access to more copywriting books, PDFs and other materials than you can possibly imagine.


Submit your copy and get professional reviews from an experienced multi-million dollar copywriter – Whether you’re a newbie, or an experienced copywriter, we all know the value of having a second set of experienced eyes review our copy (to make sure we didn’t leave anything out, or put too much in)

Basic copy reviews usually start at a minimum of $275 – but as an inner circle member you’re entitled to one (1) free review per month.


Collaborate with a high level copywriter on your next project – Up to 1 hour per month 

Having trouble fleshing out your big idea? Can’t decide which headlines are worth testing, or which would make better sub-heads? Need a secret weapon to help you nail the perfect offer?

As an inner circle member we help each other out. Professional collaboration for clients usually starts at a minimum of $497 per hour. But as a friend of the community you’re entitled to an hour of collaboration with a veteran copywriter, to help you make your copy as strong as possible.


All of these benefits, and more, will be available to you once we open the doors to the back room inner circle.

Right now it’s still under construction, and it may take some time to complete because the hard working people creating it have families and businesses to run. But we’ll keep an eye on the website stats, and if enough people visit this page (showing interest in membership) then we’ll be sure to pick up the pace and open sooner.

Or if you’d like to light a fire under our butts, send an email to support@copywritersforum .com and tell us to hurry up, and we’ll see about opening the doors even sooner.

Until then, enjoy the rest of the site…


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