Writing Winning Headlines – Fundamentals of copywriting Part 3

Reading Time: About 7 minutes So in our last two sessions we went over the concepts of Understanding the product, and then we talked about how to define your ideal customers.   And now we’re going to begin tying the two together so we can present your product or service to your target audience in a way that means something […]

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Defining Your Customers – Fundamentals Of Copywriting Part 2

Reading Time: About 4 minutes Welcome back, In our last session we talked about understanding your product along with its features and benefits. But even more important than understanding the product, is knowing your audience. Because how you sell and the words you use in your copy is determined by who you’re selling to. Simply put… unless you plan on […]

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Understanding The Product – Fundamentals Of Copywriting Part 1

Reading Time: About 5 minutes OK, so when it comes to the fundamentals of persuasive copywriting, no matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling it to, there’s a few things we always need to consider before we begin. It’s like setting the foundation for a building… The more solid the foundation, the more solid the building. So today we’re […]

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