10 Persuasion Secrets Of A Con-Artist That You Can Use In Your Copywriting

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When I was younger I had a friend named Mark M. (for privacy reasons I won’t use his last name here). Mark was an interesting character, and a lot of fun to hang out with. And he was also one of the smoothest con artists I ever knew.

30 years later I can still remember the day we went to a local shopping mall, just to hang out.

We walked into that mall with less than $20 between the two of us. And a couple hours later we walked back out with full bellies from one of the restaurants, and Mark had shopping bags with over $200 worth of brand new clothes. (not stolen… these clothes were “given” to him by the shop clerks) And this was just another average day for Mark.

Over the years, we lost touch and I don’t know whatever happened to my friend. I figure he’s either a multi-millionaire by now… or in prison (It could’ve gone either way). But watching him in action always fascinated me so much, that it eventually led me down a road of studying social psychology, social engineering and persuasion. (I never wanted to be a con artist, but I did become obsessed with understanding how that shit worked)

Which brings us to today.

Today I’m going to share a few tricks of the con-artist trade that also resemble “honest” tricks of the copywriting trade.


So if you’re ready, let’s dive right in…


WARNING! The following list of techniques should ONLY be used for good (not evil). If you’re clever enough to merge them into your copy, you will see higher conversion rates. But if you choose to use them to deceive people it will probably come back to bite you in the ass. And any legal troubles you get into are your own fault. So don’t blame me… and consider yourself warned.


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The Curse of Knowledge -vs- The Knowledge Gap

Reading Time: About 3 minutes


Once upon a time… a long, long time ago… I met a brilliant writer with the initials CW, who taught me about something she called  “The Curse of Knowledge.”

If you’re not sure what the the Curse of Knowledge is, then it will be my extreme pleasure to share it with you, as it was once shared with me.

My friend CW explained it to me thus…

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How to write authority articles for your website

Reading Time: About 3 minutes

The importance of using articles to help promote your website, cannot be overstated.

Not only can they add useful content to your online presence, which gives people a reason to visit your website, but articles can also promote you and your company as being a knowledgeable authority in your industry.


But, it’s not just about stuffing your site with articles for the sake of having a lot of content.

Cheap content might fill up your website, but if you become known for having a website full of useless garbage, it will do more harm than good to your company’s reputation.

On the other hand, a well written article will catch the eye and interest of your customers and keep them coming back for more. And they may even recommend your site to other people.


Here’s a couple basic tips to help you make your articles better…

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The A to Z Method of Eliminating Writers Block

Reading Time: About 2 minutes

Note: This original article was first posted on one of my other sites, sarmarketing.net, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, I’m posting here to help spread the joy  🙂


Greetings, writers…

Here’s another good writing exercise for you.

This one was introduced to me by a friend, and fellow writer, on one of the forums I used to hang out at.

BIG SHOUT OUT TO “FRED” over at the WF !!!  (you know who you are… yeah!)


Anyway, It’s a pretty creative idea that could save you from the dreaded “WHITE PAGE OF DEATH !!!” (also known as writers block)

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