Using Transition Words to Keep Your Readers Engaged

Reading Time: About 3 minutes   Your headline pulled me into your copy… Your opening lede acknowledged why I’m here, and peaked my interest… … Now you need to keep me reading your entire sales page until I decide to buy…   You see, when we write copy, we often have a lot of information we want to stuff into […]

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Why Simple Writing Works Better

Reading Time: About 4 minutes Someone once asked me… Why I would, so often… (At least in copy)… Use so many… One-line sentences… And so many… well… of these things: “…” Of course, the above is exaggerated. But there’s no getting around it… Many copywriters really do use a lot of one-line paragraphs. Or even one word sentences. Why? Let’s […]

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How to pre-test your sales copy BEFORE it goes live…

Reading Time: About 4 minutes Of course the only way to know for sure if your sales copy is effective is to test it and measure the results. But there is a way you can pre-test your copy to give you a better than average chance that it’ll be good…   Have people read your copy before you put it […]

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Persuasive Copywriting Technique – Find a Common Enemy

Reading Time: About 3 minutes There’s an old saying that goes… “The enemy of my enemy, is my friend”. And when it comes to writing great sales copy this can be a very powerful thing to remember.   When writing copy, if you really want to rally the troops behind your cause, few things sell better than a little outrage […]

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The Fastest Way to Master Copywriting

Reading Time: About 3 minutes What’s the fastest way to master copywriting… or anything, for that matter? You could sign up for the courses online. You can read all the books. You can go to the seminars, drink protein shakes at the keyboard, or slaughter goats at the foot of a guru. And all are good, except maybe the goat […]

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Syntax and Context in Copywriting

Reading Time: About 4 minutes I was having a chat with a friend of mine (who’s also a writer) and after a little while, the conversation came around to the topic of syntax, and context in writing. (yeah, I guess that probably makes us a couple of nerds. But this is the kind of stuff we’re interested in. So it’s […]

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Overcoming objections in your sales copy

Reading Time: About 4 minutes When selling through the written word many writers are tempted to only talk about everything that’s great with their product. Which makes sense at one level, because if we only talk about the good stuff it will cause our reader to only think about the good stuff, and they’ll be more likely to want it… […]

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