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Essential ingredients for powerful headlines – (Part 1 of 2)

Reading Time: About 6 minutes Whether you’re writing a blog posts, sales letter, email, or any kind of copy where you want to engage your reader… … If you want your copy to perform well, you have to start with an attention grabbing headline.   In this short post I’ll show you how to capture the attention of your ideal […]

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Emotional Trigger Words for Powerful Content

Reading Time: About 6 minutes Before we get started I just want to say for the record… I’ve never been a big fan of so called “power word” lists. The main reason is because too many people read those lists, and then scattershot random power words throughout their writing. By the time they’re done they end up with content that […]

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5 Insider Secrets for Penning the Perfect Article

Reading Time: About 4 minutes So you want to be a better writer? I have three words for you. Keep. It. Simple. Seriously, if you can do that you’ll be in better shape than 90% of the hacks out there. Because when it comes to writing, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Cast your mind back to the most riveting book […]

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The Curse of Knowledge -vs- The Knowledge Gap

Reading Time: About 3 minutes   Once upon a time… a long, long time ago… I met a brilliant writer with the initials CW, who taught me about something she called  “The Curse of Knowledge.” If you’re not sure what the the Curse of Knowledge is, then it will be my extreme pleasure to share it with you, as it […]

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2 do’s and 1 don’t for effective copywriting

Reading Time: About 4 minutes When it comes to writing effective sales copy there’s a few fundamental rules that always need to be followed (like using a powerful headline, interesting lede, compelling offer with proof, a call to action, etc.) But this post isn’t about any of those things. Instead, I’m going to point out some of the more subtle […]

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How to write authority articles for your website

Reading Time: About 3 minutes The importance of using articles to help promote your website, cannot be overstated. Not only can they add useful content to your online presence, which gives people a reason to visit your website, but articles can also promote you and your company as being a knowledgeable authority in your industry.   But, it’s not just […]

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Pre-supposing And Pre-framing – an intermediate lesson (for beginners)

Reading Time: About 3 minutes OK, I already know some of you more intelligent and experienced copywriters understand what pre-suppositions and pre-framing is, when it comes to persuasive copywriting? So this lesson is for the less experienced sales writer, who wants to “up their game” and take it to the next level.   First, let me start with a short […]

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7 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell More Stuff

Reading Time: About 4 minutes Whether it’s an email, a sales page, a space ad… or whatever… Arguably, your headline is the most important part of any sales piece. I say “arguably” the most important, because I’ve had a number of people try to debate me that the “offer”, or “the big idea”, or “closing / call to action” is […]

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The A to Z Method of Eliminating Writers Block

Reading Time: About 2 minutes Note: This original article was first posted on one of my other sites, sarmarketing.net, but for those who haven’t seen it yet, I’m posting here to help spread the joy  🙂   Greetings, writers… Here’s another good writing exercise for you. This one was introduced to me by a friend, and fellow writer, on one […]

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