Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques – (Part 2)

Reading Time: About 7 minutes Welcome back, my friends… In this next installment on Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques we’re going to talk about two more concepts that can help take your sales copy to the next level… 1. The concept of using pre-suppositions and pre-framing in our copy 2. The idea of getting micro-commitments from our audience So if you’re […]

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Powerful Written Persuasion Techniques – (Part 1)

Reading Time: About 9 minutes   This short post is about Powerful Written Persuasion techniques (as the title would suggest). Whether you’re writing an advertisement, a sales page, or an email… These simple, yet powerful persuasion techniques will make your job of persuasion much easier. These techniques can (and will) help you ramp-up the power of your advertising and sales […]

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