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Below is a list of some of the greatest copywriting books ever written. They can provide you with deep learning into the fundamentals of brilliant copywriting and consumer psychology.

These books have been recommended by many of the greatest copywriters who ever lived, and have been read and recommended by everyone who took part in creating this copywriters community.

What this page does not have is the latest flavor of the month copywriting book, from the latest up-and-coming copywriter.

We’ll be sure to add more to this list (time permitting with our busy schedules) But if you read, and study just the books listed here… you’ll be miles ahead of 90% of the people calling themselves copywriters, today.


(Note: NONE of the links on this page are affiliate links. We make no money from these recommendations. We just think these are some of the best copywriting books ever written)


Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

claude hopkins - scientific advertising

Of course, no list of marketing or copywriting books would be complete without mentioning Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.


While this may not technically be a “copywriting” book, it does outline some detailed advice for writing effective ad copy.

One of the biggest takeaways from this book is the science behind testing and measuring results.

The idea is to test small and make sure your adverting works, before spending a ton of money on rolling it out to a mass market.

And always track and measure the results, so when you make any changes you know which changes are having the biggest effect on your conversion rates.

Claude Hopkins understood a fundamental truth that seems to allude many advertisers, even to this day.

That fundamental truth is… Advertising’s job is to sell. Not to be fancy, or clever, or cute… But to sell!

And knowing how to measure the effectiveness of an ad, is crucial.

Scientific Advertising is a fairly quick read, and if you’re a serious copywriter or marketer, this should be a cornerstone piece in your library.


The Robert Collier Letter Book

Book Review - Robert Collier Letter book

The Robert Collier Letter Book is nearly 100 years old. And while some of the language used is a bit old fashioned, the bulk of this book goes straight to the heart of what makes good sales copy connect with your audience.


This was possibly first book that ever talked about why you should always start your ads by entering the conversation already going on inside the mind of your reader.

Simply put…Your readers are busy with their own lives. They have their own hopes, fears, and desires that take up the bulk of their daily thoughts.

Nobody asked you to interrupt their day with your sales pitch. And you’ll have more success with your advertising if you spend a week learning to care about your audience, than if you spend a year trying to get them to care about you and your offer.

Even today, many copywriters talk about this concept as if it were a brand new revelation.

And while there are a lot of other copywriting books that talk about understanding your audience… If you want to see where most of that wisdom started, then the Robert Collier Letter Book is a must have book for your library.


Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz

Book Review - Breakthrough Advertising - Eugene M. Schwartz

Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz is one of those classic copywriting books you’ll need to read more than once, before you truly begin to grasp the wisdom within the pages.


This is not just a book for copywriters, but a book for every business owner, or advertiser, who wants to increase sales. (if you’re not interested in increasing sales, then this book might not interest you)

Bear in mind… Breakthrough Advertising was originally published in 1966, so some of the language is a bit outdated. Also, there was no Internet back then, so it doesn’t cover every aspect of modern advertising and marketing.

But, the psychology of human (consumer) behavior hasn’t changed in the last 50 years. (it probably hasn’t changed in the last thousand years. But we weren’t alive back then, so that part is only a guess)

In other words… Some concepts are timeless. And Eugene Schwartz understood this, very well.


One of the big takeaways from this classic copywriting book is the concept of market awareness.

There’s different stages of awareness for any viable target market, from completely unaware… to somewhat aware… to household names that nearly everybody knows. And understanding which state your audience is currently at, brings the job of writing persuasive sales copy closer to the realm of science.

The “states of awareness” are just one of the many advanced concepts in this classic copywriting book. And even though the book is over 50 years old… the main concepts in it are timeless.

If you’re serious about being a great copywriter, then Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz is a must have book for your study.



We have more great copywriting books to add to this list. But right now we all need to get back to work.

So if you could only pick a few of the best copywriting books ever written, to give you a solid foundation for great copywriting, the ones listed here should be cornerstone pieces for your library.


If you’d like to add your own candidate to this list, feel free to add it in the comments below.



    • Excellent book to start with, Pavan.

      I think I still have an audio version of the book, if you’re interested. It’s narrated by Gary Halberts son, Kevin. He gave it away a few years ago (he might be charging for it now?) but he gave it to me for free, so if you’re interested let me know and I’ll get it to you.


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