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    Part of our mission at Copywriters Forum is to help you, as a quality writer, promote yourself and find more work doing what you love (writing).

    That’s why we’ve created this reputation point system.

    By participating in this community, you get the opportunity to not only show off your insight and expertise as a writer, but also promote your services to potential clients.

    We do not allow blatant self promotion within articles or forum posts on this site (see the forum rules here). But we do offer you the opportunity to earn credit, which can be used just like money, to purchase advertising for your writing related products and services.


    Credit is earned for being an active member of this community. Your Reputation score appears under your name on your personal profile pages, and can be used for upgrades to your account (upgrades that would otherwise cost you money).

    Current upgrades include, but are not limited to…


    A signature in your profile – A reputation score of 99 earns you a permanent profile sig that shows up below all of your forum posts. Your sig can have an active link to your own personal website or portfolio, and can help you promote your products or services to all the visitors of this forum.

    Classified Advertising – currently, a 30 day classified listing in our marketplace is only 50 credits.

    We may also be adding banner advertising to this site in the future, which you can also purchase with community credits.


    The current list of activities to earn credit (rep) is…


    Register your account = 5 credits (to get you started, we’ll give you 5 points just for joining the community)

    Upload a personal avatar to your profile = 1 credit

    Upload cover pic to profile page =  1 credit


    Comment (reply) to a post = 1 credit (earn rep for participating in the forums)

    Create a new topic in the forums = 1 credit

    Someone likes your post = 1 credit (quality posts will get more likes)


    Submit an article to our “ copywriting articles” section (and if it’s approved) = 5 credits (As a bonus… You can include a Bio description that appears at the end of all your articles. Your bio can include a short description about you and your expertise, and an active link back to your own personal website)


    Deleted comments = minus 1 credit (useless comments don’t help anybody, so if your comment gets deleted for being low value then the credit gets deleted also)

    Spam comment = minus 5 credits and possible banning of account (we don’t like spam on this forum, and if you spam this forum it will cost you. So keep it real, and we’ll all be happier)



    Note: We’re fairly generous with credit here. If you participate on this site, in good faith, you’ll be rewarded with the ability to promote your writing services. But don’t waste time trying to figure out a way to “game” the system and artificially inflate your cred. This is a tight community and it won’t be too difficult to spot unusual activity. If we spot it, your account will be banned and all credit associated with the account will vanish into dust.

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Forums Introduction Forum Rules Earn Community Credit

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