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    You know it’s time to hire a professional copywriter when…


    – You need copy that sells, but your current sales copy isn’t getting the job done

    – You’re doing a dozen other things in your business, and you don’t have time to do everything yourself

    – You’ve hired cheap copywriters from freelance sites, and just ended up wasting your money

    – You’re ready to get serious about bringing more sales to your business


    If any of these things sound familiar, then it’s time to hire a professional copywriter.

    You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on some corporate ad agency… But you also don’t want to hire some $50 content spinner who’s never sold anything (except for $50 copy, to you).

    No, you need to hire a professional copywriter who


    1. knows the “power of words”…

    2. charges reasonable rates that bring you a solid ROI…

    3. knows how to sell from the written word, and knows what they’re doing when it comes to bringing you more sales.


    Now to be fair… Some businesses simply don’t need professional-grade sales copy.

    If all you need is inexpensive content to fill your website with articles or blog posts, then there’s millions of low priced content writers on the low end freelance sites. And many of them can serve your purpose quite well.

    But, if persuading your audience to spend their money with you is important… Then you need someone who specializes in Direct Response Copywriting.


    Think of it this way… You wouldn’t hire a cashier to be your accountant, would you?

    Sure, they both serve an important purpose. And they both handle financial transactions. But they are two very different specialties.


    So if it’s time for some new copy, to help you increase your sales…

    Here’s 3 reasons why it’s well worth your investment to hire a professional copywriter who knows what they’re doing…


    1 – Writing good sales copy that gets results can be time consuming.

    Let’s face it, anyone can just throw words on a page. But if you want effective sales copy that brings you measurable results, it takes time to do it right.

    You need to spend time understanding the desires and motivations of your audience. And it takes time to write copy that connects what you’re selling to your audience.

    On top of that… it takes even more time to edit and polish the sales copy, to make it flow smoothly from the beginning to the end. (from the headline, straight through the call to action)

    Finally, after we put your copy out into the world, we need to look at the incoming numbers (response rates, cost per lead, profit margin, etc.) so we can test and tweak different elements of your copy, until we achieve maximum results.

    Of course if you have plenty of spare time in your work day, you can write your own sales copy. But if you’re like most small business owners, you have enough to do in your workday, and you already have a schedule that’s stretched way too thin.

    That’s why smart and successful business owners surround themselves with highly skilled professionals, who can help make the business run smoother.

    And hiring a professional sales copywriter, can help you make your business run smoother.


    2 – Inexperienced copywriters, and low end copywriters almost never understand how to sell from the written word

    Inexperienced writers may know about the basic structure of quality copy. And they might even write with the grammar, punctuation and prose that would make an English teacher swoon with delight.

    But unless you’re selling to English Grammarians… Most of that technical stuff doesn’t matter.

    Sure, you need writing that’s clear and understandable. But few customers study a sales page looking for misplaced punctuation. Most people are only concerned with what you’re going to do for them. And if a comma is in the wrong place, it just doesn’t matter.

    In fact, sometimes a strategically placed grammar error can actually improve your response rate. A professional sales copywriter knows when proper grammar matters, and when it doesn’t.


    And when it comes to low end copywriters… They might know how to use fancy adjectives, templates and hyped up language that makes your copy sound exciting. But in today’s marketplace consumers are more savvy than ever before. And they can spot bullshit from a mile away.

    There’s a time for hype, and there’s a time for subtlety, and then there’s a time for a straight forward sales pitch… And if you want the highest possible conversion rates, you need someone who knows the difference.


    3 – Paying for a highly skilled, professional copywriter is not an expense… It’s an investment that pays you back, multiplied.

    The choice is yours…

    You can spend hours, or days writing your own sales copy. And if you don’t get good results then that’s wasted time you’ll never get back. And if you don’t know how to figure out what went wrong, then you’re back to ground zero.

    Or, you can spend your money on an inexperienced copywriter. And when they don’t get you good results you’ve just flushed your money down the toilet.

    But, if you invest in a highly skilled copywriter, and they bring you 2X, 3X… 10X your investment in new sales…

    Well, it’s pretty clear to see which one is ultimately the better investment of your time and money.


    OK, I could go on for another ten pages talking about why a highly skilled, professional sales-writer is worth their weight in gold for you and your business. But this post is already starting to get a bit long. So let me just wrap it up with this one final thought…

    If your business depends on effective communication, and compelling sales copy…

    Then it’s well worth the investment for you to hire a professional copywriter.


    Until next time…

    Here’s to using better sales copy, to generate bigger profits, for you and your business.

    All the best,

    A good marketer knows how to think like a marketer - A great marketer learns how to think like the customer...
    SARubin - Direct Response Copywriter / Conversion Rate Optimizer

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