Other Copywriting Websites

The purpose of the Copywriters Forum is to help you hone your skills as a copywriter.

And with that goal in mind, the websites listed below are a few other sites you might find useful.

We’re not necessarily affiliated with any of these sites, and make no guarantee they’ll be useful to you, but we put them here because after checking them out they seem legit (and useful)…


Swipe-Worthy is a plethora of great swipe files. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next winning control piece, this site is worth checking out. You can search by niche, by type of copy, by control, or by particular copywriter.

The owner of the site, Mike, seems like a good guy (never met him in person, but anyone who creates his kind of website is OK in my book) and he even breaks down and analyzes a few elements in some of the swipes.





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