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Post your articles… Showcase your writing skills… Promote your brand…

As an active member of this community you’re invited to contribute your own quality articles or essays to this site.

Your articles can be about anything related to the craft of quality writing… Writing techniques, writing style, writing mindset or philosophies… (or pretty much anything related to the craft of quality writing)


As a bonus… You can include a Bio description that appears at the end of all your articles. Your bio can include an active link back to your own personal website. (Only 1 bio per author. The same bio will appear in all of your articles)

Contributing articles to this community is another great way to increase your credibility, showcase your expertise, and attract new clients.


We do have a couple guidelines that need to be followed for all submitted articles and essays. So read them over and make sure you agree with them before sending us your articles. Thanks.

The guidelines are…


Articles and essays should be at least 700 words (If you know your subject, 700 words should be easy)

Articles must be your own original content, and must not be plagiarized or spun content. (Plagiarizing content is just plain lazy, and we’ve never seen a spinner that can produce emotional context)

Your articles can be optimized for SEO, but being optimized for human readers is far more important. So try to submit articles that provide education, inspiration, or at least info-tainment for other writers. Meaningless gibberish, or keyword stuffed articles will be rejected.

Affiliate links are not allowed and will be removed from all submissions.

Inline links within articles fall under the same guidelines as the general forum rules  re: “In-line links are allowed as long as they are relevant to the topic, provide value, and are NOT self promotional.”

All articles must bring value to the community, and will be reviewed for relevancy, and may be edited for proper grammar and content before they get posted here.


Before submitting an article make sure you read and understand our basic guidelines for posting here. Also make sure you’re logged in before you post, otherwise your post may get lost in a spam folder.


So if the guidelines above work for you, then send us what you’ve got…



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